• How long does it take to receive my order? 

Most orders are processed and completed within 2-3 business days. Shipping times vary, but generally our customers receive their orders within 7-14 days of placing their orders. 

  • What does "sweat shop free" mean?

It means EXACTLY what it says! Almost 100% of the apparel sold here is made and assembled in the USA. Some apparel is also sourced and or partially manufactured in Central America under stringent observation and along ethical lines. 

  • How can you produce and sell high quality apparel at low prices?

Simple. We do all of our designs in house and we partnered with established and well known manufacturers and printers. Our manufacturers produce apparel for some of the largest and well known brands in the world. Those brands label it as their own and mark it up to as much as they can get away with. Bondi Tees took a different approach. We outsource the manufacture of the apparel so all we have to do is concentrate on the design and marketing process. This ensures a top notch product at the lowest possible cost. 

  • How much is shipping? 

Our t-shirts range from $4-6 USD depending on location and between $1-2 for each additional item. Our long sleeve tees range from $4-8 USD depending on location and between $2-4 for each additional item. 

  • Do you accept returns and exchanges? 
We will work to make you happy! Any shirt that is defected will be replaced, free of charge. Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds. Please order the size carefully! If you are unsure, please size up!